Paddleboard Buyers Guide

Paddleboard Shapes

Paddleboard Shapes

Long & Straight

  • A paddleboard that has a long & straight profile is fast but not so manoeuvrable.
  • This type of shape is good for long distance touring in flat conditions and will track & glide well in a straight line.
  • It will take less paddle strokes to get to your destination.
  • If you tried to catch waves with these paddleboards, you will more than likely end up nose diving into the wave.
  • Our 11’6 Cruise & 11’2 Cruise paddleboards are long & straight.

The All-round shape

  • A paddleboard that is neither round or straight or long or short.
  • This type of shape is the Swiss army knife of paddleboards.
  • They do every job well but are the master of none.
  • They will get you out in any condition and will suit most riders.
  • Our 10’6 Classic paddleboard is an all-round shape.

Short & Rounded

  • A paddleboard that has a short & round profile is very manoeuvrable but slow.
  • This type of shape is good for playing in waves & on the coast. They are also good for kids to learn on.
  • The paddleboard will be difficult to track in a straight line over long distances.  The paddleboard will snake from side to side, meaning you will paddle twice as far to get to your destination.

  • Our 9’8 Classic paddleboard is short and rounded.

Rocker line

A paddleboard’s rocker line is how the underside of the board is shaped.

Low Nose Rocker

Low nose rocker lines are fast but not very manoeuvrable. Your weight is distributed evenly across the entire flat surface of the paddleboard. It will sit higher in the water and will glide over the surface of the water.

Our 11’6 Cruise & 11’2 Cruise paddleboards have a low nose rocker lines.

High Nose Rocker

High nose rocker lines are very manoeuvrable but slow. The paddleboard will sit deeper in the water as your weight isn’t distributed evenly across the board. These type of paddleboards are good in waves.

Our 10’6 Classic & 9’8 Classic paddleboards have a high nose rocker lines.

Paddleboard Rocker Lines
Paddleboard Rocker Lines

Paddleboard Width

The width of a paddleboard plays an important roll in stability, speed and how efficiently you paddle.

Narrow – less than 30 inches

Narrow boards are fast but not stable and more suited for experienced paddleboarders. A narrow board will be better for paddling as the rider does not have to lean far out to paddle.  Narrow boards offer a more efficient and powerful paddling stance.

Medium – around 32 inches

A paddleboard around 32 inches wide offers good stability whilst still being fast and providing an efficient paddling stance. Your paddle should stay vertical whilst paddling without having to lean out over the board.

All our boards are 32 inches wide.

Wide – around 34 inches

A paddleboard that is 34 inches or wider is super stable but slow. Good for yoga but not so good for long distance touring. Smaller riders will find it difficult to get their paddle over the side of the board. Their paddles will be angled to reach the water, which is a very inefficient and will lead to the paddle shaft hitting the rails of the board.

Paddleboard Thickness & Volume

The thinner the paddleboard the more stable it is, as you are closer to the water. Thinner boards give a more planted feel and will roll less as you paddle.

However thinner paddleboards will have less volume, which will become a problem for a heavier rider who needs more volume to support their weight.

9'8 Classic Inflatable Paddleboard